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Christian Life in the 21st Century

  Church of the Hill’s goal is to provide opportunities for people to continue to grow spiritually and in their knowledge of the Christian life.  We do this through Biblical study, Sunday School, a “Lunch and Learn” series, and fellowship groups.  We are a congregation that enjoys being together and we meet on a regular basis. We know we are one in Christ and that unity carries us through the sorrow and joy of the Christian Life.


Bible Studies

The Wednesday Bible Study meets at 10:00 am in person and online. We will be studying "Acts 1-12: Part1 Gods power in Jerusalem and Judea" (LifeGuide Bible Studies)".






The Thursday Bible Study meets at 6:30 pm as an online study group. We are studying "Joshua, Judges and Ruth (The Smart Guide to the Bible Series)". 

Sunday School

This Sunday morning study is for everyone, from our middle schoolers to any age. We will be using the book "Feasting on the Word", a companion to the sermon topic each week. Join us at 11:10 in the parlor at Church for this fun study. 


Spares and Pairs

This is an active group of people in our church. We meet the second Friday of every month at different participants' homes. Please bring an appetizer, salad, entrée or dessert. Our fun begins at 6:00. Carpooling is a good idea. Parking is always limited.


Please check Friday Features for each host’s address and driving directions.

Lunch and Learn

Enjoy lunch and review Biblical history  or play a round of Lenten Bingo. Lunch and Learn is a series that occasionally follows worship and informs us about a specific topic.  

Friends & Pizza
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