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Dr. Jim Reid, preaching

November 30, 2014 


A Baby Changes Everything:  The Future

Isaiah 64.1-5
Mark 13.24-37


These days, there are many dark, troubling apocalyptic movies with variations on the theme of the end of the world. Troubling imagery of the end of the world is also featured in the reading from The Gospel of Mark: “the sun will be darkened….the stars will be falling from heaven….”   This imagery precedes the great light—Christ’s coming to usher in God’s promised future, the City of God, something radically new in creation. The whole process began with the birth of the Christ child and will be completed with Christ’s triumphant return. It is true that “A Baby Changes Everything: The Future.” But today many established churches don’t believe in God’s promised future; the future will just be an extension of the past. What if Church of the Hills breaks ranks with the status quo? What if Church of the Hills believes in God’s future, that God is not finished with creation?   This belief can empower the congregation to live imaginatively in the present.


This worship service will conclude with Melissa Weick-Juceam singing “A Baby Changes Everything.” After hearing Melissa’s presentation of the song, the congregation will be ready to join in singing “A Baby Changes Everything” as a last hymn for the rest of the Advent season.





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