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Aug 3 2014
Aug 3 2014
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Rev. Dr. Jim Reid, preaching

August 3, 2014 


Journeys of Faith: Esther ~ Top Bachelorette, Queen, Heroine


Esther 4.1-17; 7.1-10

This will be the second in a six-sermon series titled “Journeys of Faith.” We will look at the story of Esther’s extraordinary journey of faith, which is told in the Old Testament book that bears her name.  At the beginning of the story, Esther is a young, Jewish woman, notable only for her beauty, which wins her a position as wife of the Persian king. As the story progresses, Queen Esther turns to God in prayer and risks her life to save her Jewish people from a holocaust.   In the story, God acts behind the scenes, controlling events. In response to God’s action, Esther acts boldly.


In our journeys of faith how is the hand of God controlling events? Are we following Esther’s example by acting boldly in response to God’s leading?



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