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Aug 24 2014
Aug 24 2014
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Rev. Dr. Jim Reid, preaching

August 24, 2014 


Journeys of Faith:  God Welcomes All

Leviticus 11.1-8
Acts 10.1-16, 23b-29a

This will be the fifth in a six-sermon series titled “Journeys of Faith.” The reading from Acts is about a decisive turning point in the Apostle Peter’s journey of faith and in the journey of the early Christian Church. Peter’s God-directed encounter with Cornelius marks the first time a Gentile or non-Jew is welcomed into Christian fellowship. Prior to this encounter, Peter, like other Jews, would not even have contact with a Gentile. Peter believed that the Gospel of Christ was just for Jews. Through a series of events, including a very strange vision, God broke down Peter’s rigid attitudes and used Peter to welcome Cornelius. Throughout Christian history, and in our journeys of faith, we see God in Christ at work changing rigid attitudes and promoting inclusivity in Christian fellowship.




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