Pastoral Letter 3


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I believe that one of the most challenging parts of Christian community is how much we love one another. Something transcendent happens when we worship with one another year after year.  We come together every Sunday and lift our voices in praise to our Holy Trinity.  We confess our sins, we hear that we are forgiven, and we experience God’s love for us.  We pray together and for one another.  In our hope to honor Jesus, we work on one, two, or countless projects together.  Our church family becomes one of the most significant families in our lives.  Have you ever noticed that when you are out in the wider community and you run into someone from church that your spirits lift?  I always want to throw my arms around them because they have been to God’s mountaintop with me.  They have heard Jesus’ teaching with me.  We are a family on a spiritual journey with one another and with the Risen Christ.  Our affection for one another is formed at the foot of Jesus’ cross.  We are woven together in a sacred space and I believe that is why it is so devastating when we are in discord.  The hurt runs deep.  It wounds our soul.

This week, I simply ask for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for our Session leaders: Mike Clinton, Ann Joseph, Kelly Krueger, Steve Nelson, Ed Powers, Bill Short, Judy Jensen (Clerk of Session), and Jerry Bucholz (Treasure).   Please pray for our Deacons: Heidi Smithson, Marjorie Clinton, Tina Nelson, Nancy Grant, Vicki Kyle, Debby Powers, Jennie Snyder, and Margaret Bailey.  They are all working hard to serve Jesus and honor his people.

The Lord is with us and we must stay the course.  Our hurts run deep but we are at the foot of the cross and the cross is empty.  Jesus rose from the depths of Hell and sits at the right hand of God.  There he prays for us.  In Christ we can rise up and live into the vibrant life before us.  It will take resolve.  We are woven together through the transcendent love of Jesus Christ.  In Him, nothing is impossible.  I encourage you to stay the course with your beloved Church family.  There is new life before us.

I will not be here next weekend.  Reverend Dr. Tom Sheffield will be in the pulpit on March 19, 2017.  He is the Presbytery Pastor.  I will be catching my breath and yes, I will confess, it will be on a mountaintop.  I will be out of the office from March 17 to March 19, 2017.  But, you can be certain that each of you are with me.  You are my sacred and beloved family in Christ.  You are always with me.

In Jesus’ peace,

Pastor Susan