November Notes from Session

November 8, 2016
Over the years, as members of Church of the Hills, we have appreciated the strong leaders of our congregation. It has been important to us to hear the stories of our fellow worshippers, and to learn of their journeys in service to God.
After one full year with Pastor Chuck, we are at a place where each one of you can help with your time and talent. Our congregation, with your help, has been engaging in various focus groups and strengthening spiritual growth throughout the church. You have the opportunity now to help COTH move forward into the future.
Our plea today comes from the Nominating Committee. It is the responsibility of our committee to identify people to fill the positions of Elders, Deacons, Endowment, Personnel and Nominating Committees as specified in the Church of the Hills By-Laws. We ask that you consider your talents and commit to a position of leadership in governing and guiding Church of the Hills as we move into year 2017.
It will be our intent to visit with members as the new year begins, to discover your strengths, and to fill positions that will be open in the spring. The energy and success of the church starts with you!
Ann Joseph (chair), Carolyn Hock, and Bill Short
Nominating Committee