Evergreen Shelter Program (ESP) is an interfaith ministry emphasis which provides shelter for people without homes during severe weather.
Church of the Hills is one of the supporting congregations that are involved in the development of this ministry.  
For more information,  Evergreen Shelter Program
Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) offers goods and services to local families in need. In addition to items like groceries, food and clothing, EChO offers short-term assistance, mentoring and prayer support.
Church of the Hills has consistently supported Evergreen Christian Outreach not only through donations of food, but contributions of cash and volunteer hours.
EChO is much more than a food bank. It not only provides food for the clients, but Evergreen Christian Outreach also assists with rent or mortgages, utilities, gas, auto repair, insurance, phone bills, medications, child care and a variety of educational opportunities. There is a job center to help the unemployed to become self-sufficient and the under-employed to get higher paying jobs. EChO offers a variety of workshops including interviewing, resume’ writing, and budgeting.
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Knitters are known as the MOUNTAIN PEARLS and consist of as many members who do not belong to Church of the Hills as those that do.This ministry has distributed more than 175 shawls in our congregation, the community and to loved ones who live in various parts of the country. The group meets at 10:00 in Room 110. Contact Linda LaGrange for more information:  Shawl Ministry
An important and ongoing mission of COTH is opening our doors to the community. During 2019, 23 diverse groups and individuals have used our building, some free of charge, for meetings, classes, recitals, meals, etc.   The groups include: Alcoholics Anonymous, Mountain Community Pathways, Literate Ladies Book Club, Support After Suicide Loss, NAMI Support Group, Creative Spirituality Spiritual Direction, three Girl Scout Troops and the Girl Scout Service Unit, one Boy Scout Troop, Brook Forest Water District, PEO Book Club, Friends of Leslie Book Club, Sierra Club, Mean Street Ministries, Serene in Evergreen, Homeschool Fellowship, EFM (Education for Ministry), Toastmasters,  Adventures in Spanish, and a Mah Jong group. 
(MCP) is a Program Approved Support Agency for people with developmental disabilities and participants of various Medicaid waiver programs (Elderly, Blind, and Disabled). Themountaincommunitypathways  MCP office and day program services are located at Church of the Hills in lower level rooms. MCP offers a day habilitation program Monday through Thursday for young adults with developmental disabilities. They also offer non-medical transportation, volunteer opportunities, host home placement, and residential living for people with developmental disabilities. Volunteer opportunities may be as often as weekly or as few as monthly, the program meets at the church from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, and goes on outings Mondays and Thursdays.  If you can give a little time, it will be very rewarding for you and the people they serve.  The office number is 720-583-0440 or you can view their web page at www.mountaincommunitypathways.com
Church of the Hills supports this ministry financially and with disciples in service.
Mean Street Ministry is a multi-faceted organization reaching out to the poor and disconnected in the Denver Metro Area. In addition to the street ministry, it trains mentors for its mentoring program and has ongoing training for them. The group mentors those who want to get off the streets and out of the motels and does all that it can to help them. A work skills training program gives those who have lost, or never had, the skills to hold down a job do so.  Mean Street is a multi-denominational Christian outreach ministry, with volunteers from a variety of churches and groups who work together to assist the homeless and working poor in the Denver metro area.
This mobile, non-profit ministry meets people where they live in projects, shelters and motels. It provides mentoring and counseling on spiritual issues, work ethics, family and life. Mean Street deploys 40 to 50 volunteers each week to give out around 340 meals and various other essential items such as diapers, formula, books, food, bus tokens and clothing across the Denver metro area.
As it has from the start, COTH is the main organizer of preparing 360 burritos each Monday morning to be given out to the homeless in Denver by their volunteers.  An average of 13 workers attends each Monday.  Mean Street also put together 96 gift bags that were given out at the Christmas party put on for our working homeless and their children. Linda is always in need of additional volunteers on Monday mornings!  You may contact her at: Mean Street Ministries