December Notes from Session

Moving Forward in Mission

With the New Year fast approaching the Mission Team is re-evaluating our dedicated giving for 2017. Our goal is to direct the congregations mission efforts and financial resources toward events, projects, and organizations that align with one or more of the three focus areas that the congregation selected in September; Faith Maturity, Family and Youth Ministries and Community Outreach – Local. We will also be asking the congregation to participate more fully in our mission activities.

The events, projects and organizations currently under consideration are;


  1. Memorial Day
  2. 4th of July
  3. Veterans Day
  4. Live Nativity Scene
  5. Joint Youth Day and Weekend Camps with other PCUSA Congregations


  1. Joint Mission Trips (Family and Youth)
  2. Workship
  3. Sharing Our Space


  • Evergreen’s Emergency Shelter Program (ESP)
  • EChO
  • Mean Street Ministries
  • Mountain Community Pathways
  • Pura Vida

The Mission Team will be exploring additional revenue sources such as Triple By-Pass Volunteers and Safeway and King Super Debit Card sales to address what will almost certainly be a reduction in the budget available to the team in the coming year.   

We look forward to input from the entire congregation in finalizing our list and in supporting those events, projects and organizations with the time and talents Christ has given each of us.
Steve Nelson
Mission and Outreach