Saturday March 7, 2020


Dear Church of the Hills Family,

I am sure all are aware of the recent appearance of Covid19 in the United States.  There is no way to predict if or when this virus may make its way to our mountain community.  As your pastor, I strongly recommend that you follow all protocols of preparedness and protection that your doctor or medical provider has given you.  

In response to the Covid19 virus, the Session of Church of the Hills recommends the following.

  1. Pray for those dealing directly with Covid19 virus; health care providers, those working on the treatment for and prevention of this virus, and of course those infected with the virus.
  2. Based upon recommendations from the Center of Disease Control, members and friends of the church are asked to please not attend church if they have a non-medicated fever of 100 degrees or higher, a persistent cough or cold symptoms.
  3. The Session strongly recommends that we offer our beautiful smiles rather than a handshake or hug during the passing of the peace in worship and when we are together outside of worship.
  4. The Worship Committee will review the handling of communion when they meet this Sunday after worship.

If an outbreak does occur in Colorado, then the Session will take the following actions.

  1. Follow Colorado’s state and/or Federal recommendations regarding gatherings in public places.  
  2. Church of the Hills will not have worship and the building will be closed if Jefferson County Schools are closed due to Covid19.  Outside groups will not be able to use the building during this time.
  3. If Pastor Susan is not able to attend worship due to exposure to Covid19 then we will not hold worship.

The Presbyterian Church USA website provided the following links for people to stay up to date in regard to Covid19. Please feel free to follow them if you’d like.

World Health Organization:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

No one wants to write this type of letter, no one wants this type of illness to visit their community and certainly not their church family.  When I think about Covid19, my thoughts quickly return to the sermon shared on Ash Wednesday.  The night before the Israelites were freed from Egypt, they placed lambs’ blood on the door frames of their homes.  If the blood was placed, then the angel of death “passed over” their homes.  This is the event that the Jewish people remember during Passover.  Jesus and his disciples were celebrating Passover when they met in the upper room and Jesus gave us the Last Supper.  I encourage us to remember that we belong to Jesus.  He gave himself for us and when we were baptized, the angel of death “passed” over us.  We were baptized into the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Does that mean we will escape Covid19?  The answer is that we don’t know.  We do know that we belong to God, we need to be wise, and we have nothing to fear.

Blessings my Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ.

Living into the promise of Jesus’ healing power,


Pastor Susan