COTH Cottage Meetings

July 6, 2016
Dear COTH members and friends:
Last month Elders and Deacons came together for a two-day leadership retreat (thank you for hosting us, Sandifers!) to consider the question:
How do we become the church God is calling us to be?

Why Do We Have a Passing of the Peace in Worship?

     For many congregations the practice of Passing the Peace of Christ is a familiar element. Many congregations, however, do not understand the theological significance of the element in worship, which follows the Confession of Sin and the Assurance of Pardon, and use the time as an opportunity to greet their friends, perhaps welcome visitors, and otherwise engage in fellowship. All of these things are important in the life of the community of faith, but properly are not an element of worship and should be reserved for hospitality and fellowship prior to and following the worship service. Read more…