March Notes from Session

Dear Church of the Hills members and friends,

This is a challenging letter to write.  We, members of the Session, have been praying, individually and as a group, and we have been meeting frequently through these first months of 2017 in order to listen, understand, process and respond to all that has happened. We have been aided by the numerous comments, explanations, frustrations and “calls to action” that we and Pastor Susan have received from many of you.

It is clear that recent events have touched a majority of us in profound ways. Each of us has experienced these events and, during our time with COTH, the church culture in our own way.  There is no “one size fits all” description of what has happened nor one single solution or way to move forward.  We hope to address as many of the recent and underlying issues as possible in the weeks and months to come, and we know that we may not address every topic in the way some would choose.

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February Notes from Session

We are led by the Lord

In 2009 my wife Debby and I began a search for where we were going to retire.  I had promised myself I was going to work until I was 70 and retire than.  Debby had an enriching career teaching in an all-boys Catholic High School outside of Detroit. At this time she was determining when she would like to retire.  We had researched the up of Michigan and Colorado for possible places.  The lord intervened at this time and said to us through various means the timing was not right.  We could not find a place that we like in Colorado and we decided that we preferred to live in the mountains of Colorado rather than the upper Michigan.

December Notes from Session

Moving Forward in Mission

With the New Year fast approaching the Mission Team is re-evaluating our dedicated giving for 2017. Our goal is to direct the congregations mission efforts and financial resources toward events, projects, and organizations that align with one or more of the three focus areas that the congregation selected in September; Faith Maturity, Family and Youth Ministries and Community Outreach – Local. We will also be asking the congregation to participate more fully in our mission activities.

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November Notes from Session

November 8, 2016
Over the years, as members of Church of the Hills, we have appreciated the strong leaders of our congregation. It has been important to us to hear the stories of our fellow worshippers, and to learn of their journeys in service to God.

October Notes from Session

October 12, 2016

I have the pleasure of writing the inaugural post for what will be a regular publication from Session. Each month you can look forward to a different active Elder writing about what is on his or her heart. It may relate to initiatives their team is working on; it may be information sharing or poll taking; it may be a story of faith or their reflections about their years at Church of the Hills Presbyterian.

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