Pura Vida Ministries is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization working to promote health and education in the Quiché department of Guatemala. The mission of Pura Vida is to facilitate the sharing of First World resources with Third World communities in a meaningful, respectful, and long term way. Its primary focus is on providing educational opportunities for children in rural Third World villages through scholarships, tutoring, and support of local schools. Its main programs are scholarships for students, construction of the John Wesley School and organizing work trips to Guatemala.
Church of the Hills became involved in this area of Guatemala through the pilot English Language Camp that was held June 2014 for students of the John Wesley School at a church retreat center in the village of Lemoa. Eight members of Church of the Hills went to Guatemala as teachers of this 2014 pilot English Camp

Church of the Hills, through its Mission Team, supports Pura Vida financially through regular, on-going donations toward the unsponsored student fund in order to ensure that children who were selected for scholarship could attend school, while waiting to be sponsored by someone in the States.

A number of families or groups in our church family sponsor a Guatemalan child’s education on an on-going basis. This support includes writing letters twice a year and receiving letters back.

In the past two years Church of the Hills sent disciples to participate in English Camp. The goal of a ratio of 3 or 4 Guatemalan students per each disciple in service in order to ensure a meaningful, effective learning time. So, the number of students attending depends on the size of the disciple team. The goal is to help each student make progress in speaking English and communicating.

Besides the fun of visiting another culture with lots of colorful woven fabrics, it is truly an amazing week due to the wonderful attitude of the children and the great way that everyone on the team does their part and works together.

Building relationships is probably the highlight of the week, so saying goodbyes is hard!

Another team will be sent in June 2016.  The scholarship students will be the focus of the camp to ensure greater attendance by scholarship students who need more assistance in their learning.