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November Notes from Session

November 8, 2016
Over the years, as members of Church of the Hills, we have appreciated the strong leaders of our congregation. It has been important to us to hear the stories of our fellow worshippers, and to learn of their journeys in service to God.

October Notes from Session

October 12, 2016

I have the pleasure of writing the inaugural post for what will be a regular publication from Session. Each month you can look forward to a different active Elder writing about what is on his or her heart. It may relate to initiatives their team is working on; it may be information sharing or poll taking; it may be a story of faith or their reflections about their years at Church of the Hills Presbyterian.

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The Will of God

In Pastor Leslie Weatherhead’s classic book 
The Will of God, he responds to the questions “Is everything that happens in history the will of God?  “If God is omnipotent, how could anything happen that is not the will of God?”  Obviously, this also touches on the concept of humanity’s free will.  The unrest in the aftermath of the recent Presidential elections of 2016 has raised these and many more questions among faithful Christians. Read more…

A Letter from Your Pastor and the Session and the 2017 Dream Budget

Disciple in Service – Margery McKnight

Church of the Hills 
2 2/3 times as a Deacon – 8 years
Serving and Coordinator of the Prayer Chain for 20+ years
Knitted for the Prayer Shawl Ministry for 2 years
Helped make burritos for Mean Street Ministries twice
Helped to pick up trash on the highway for 3 years

Disciples In Service

Church of the Hills Presbyterian (USA) has a long and faithful history of sending disciples to be of service in the community. The story of this faithful discipleship is not told enough! While many in the congregation might know of the disciples who are living out their discipleship by giving of their time, talents, and resources to be in ministry in Evergreen and points beyond, new folks, and Pastor Chuck himself, don’t know who has been called to follow Jesus in this way.

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