Pastoral Letter 3


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I believe that one of the most challenging parts of Christian community is how much we love one another. Something transcendent happens when we worship with one another year after year.  We come together every Sunday and lift our voices in praise to our Holy Trinity.  We confess our sins, we hear that we are forgiven, and we experience God’s love for us.  We pray together and for one another.  In our hope to honor Jesus, we work on one, two, or countless projects together.  Our church family becomes one of the most significant families in our lives.  Have you ever noticed that when you are out in the wider community and you run into someone from church that your spirits lift?  I always want to throw my arms around them because they have been to God’s mountaintop with me.  They have heard Jesus’ teaching with me.  We are a family on a spiritual journey with one another and with the Risen Christ.  Our affection for one another is formed at the foot of Jesus’ cross.  We are woven together in a sacred space and I believe that is why it is so devastating when we are in discord.  The hurt runs deep.  It wounds our soul. Read more…

Pastoral Letter 2

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Lent has begun and thank you Jesus!  Lent is the season that we turn back to God.  We try to discern what actions, thoughts, or decisions have become roadblocks between ourselves and our relationship with God and one another.  The greatest part of Lent is that if we approach this journey with true repentance then we can walk in a new life with the Risen Christ.

Our community is definitely on a journey.  Change in pastoral leadership always creates more than a few bumps.  I humbly ask for your prayers and patience as we work through the transition.  The Session has been diligently serving this community in love.  Think of the places that we have been!  We welcomed a new pastor in January 2016, we walked through Tom Bandy’s assessments and challenges to examine who we are and where we are called, we attended Lenten dinners, celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, attended cottage meetings, formed a new vision and direction for the church, hosted a Halloween event for the wider community, and let’s not forget, a Living Nativity!  All of these things were done out of a love for our Lord Jesus Christ and the desire to hear his voice and discern his call for his community. Read more…

Pastoral Letter 1

To My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is with tremendous humility that I accept the role of Temporary Supply Pastor of Church of the Hills. I had no idea that this was how things were going to unfold but here we stand. I would like to communicate with all of you as often as possible. In the midst of the trials, I see wounds, sorrow, hopes and possibilities.

I met with the Session on Monday February21, 2017. Before they approved my role as pastor, I laid out several priorities. The top three are as follows: Continue to worship God through excellent worship, address the process of healing, and organize immediate programmatic needs.

I, in collaboration with many of you, will strive to prepare and coordinate excellent worship. As a people of the Lord, we find meaning and purpose in God’s presence in worship. Fortunately, we are blessed with the leadership of Hanna, Stephanie, and so many others that coordinate worship. Read more…