“Will You Be My Worship Friend?”

Everyone who is a parent has experienced times when you and your child or children have been in public and the child has behaved like, well, a child. In restaurants, stores, movie theaters, wherever, suddenly your perfectly behaved angel of an offspring is transformed into some imposter child that obviously is from an alien planet. Since you can’t not claim the child you attempt to restore control, smile with embarrassment, and, sometimes, remove yourself and your child from the setting. After this happens on more than one occasion you become a little apprehensive about going anywhere with your child or children, or limit where you go to places and settings where the child can be supervised/entertained in a controlled environment, 
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Chat with Chuck – September 2016

Chat With Chuck:

“Listening, Praying, Deciding, Moving Forward”

By Dr. Chuck Traylor


On September 17 from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm the entire congregation is invited to participate in a conversation regarding the data that has been collected during 9 “cottage meetings” conducted over the past six weeks. Childcare will be provided, as will lunch.


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Chat with Chuck – August 2016

           Some folks have noticed, and perhaps you, as well, that when referring to this church I say “Church of the Hills Presbyterian (USA),” or write “COTHP,” instead of simply “Church of the Hills” or “COTH.” One of the disciples in the congregation asked me about that the other day, and after explaining it to her she suggested that it would perhaps be helpful to others to hear my thinking about why I believe inclusion of the word “Presbyterian” is important in identifying this congregation.
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Chat with Chuck – July 2016

One truth I have had reinforced to me in the 35 years that I have served the Presbyterian Church (USA) is the awareness that loneliness among its fellowship is one of the greatest pastoral challenges any church faces. This sounds like something of an oxymoron, doesn’t it? And yet, the reality is that even in the midst of community there are many among our fellowship who are extremely lonely.

Chat with Chuck – June 2016

JUNE 2016
By Dr. Chuck Traylor
The “Directory for Worship” in The Book of Order, Part 2 of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), reads,
“In prayer we respond to God in many ways…Song is a response which engages the whole self in prayer. Song unites the faithful in common prayer wherever they gather for worship whether in church, home, or other special place (W-2.1003).”

Chat with Chuck – May 2016

“Twitter Sunday,” or “How Do You Cook A Tweet?
By Dr. Chuck Traylor


When I started working as a reporter at the Slidell Daily Sentry-News in Slidell, LA in 1979 the newspaper had old Remington and Underwood upright manual typewriters. We typed our stories on the back of the rough brown paper that, in rolls, was used to get the Associated Press and United Press International stories off the “wire.” A couple of years later, when I became the Managing Editor for the St. Tammany News-Banner in Covington and Mandeville, LA we got IBM Selectric typewriters. Whoo, Boy, Howdy! A year or two after that we began using the first computers. You had to type in a long code for the format of your story. After you wrote the story you sent it to the typist who then ran the typed story through a machine that copied the story on a perforated tape. That tape was then run another machine that essentially took a picture of the story and photos and produced them on a type of photo paper that was then “pasted” on a layout sheet for printing.

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Chat with Chuck – April 2016

“Evangelism Season”

By Dr. Chuck Traylor

One of the things I try to do as I am traveling around the Evergreen community is to give myself some extra time, one, to allow for getting lost, and two, so I can scout out the area surrounding where our folks live.

Chat with Chuck – March 2016

“Deep Change Begins With ME”
By Dr. Chuck Traylor


A subject I have been deliberating on for the past several weeks, especially as I have now begun my service among you at the Church of the Hills Presbyterian (USA), is “deep change.” I have been using as my text the book Deep Change by Robert Quinn.

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Chat with Chuck – February 2016

“What is God Up To In The Church of the Hills Presbyterian (USA)”
By Pastor Chuck Traylor

Author, pastor, and academic Leonard Sweet asked, “Do we know God well enough to know what God is up to in the world?” This question was directed to the folks attending a conference a few years ago titled “Rebooting the Church for the 21st Century.”

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Chat with Chuck – January 2016

“Prayer Plugs Us Into Life”
By Pastor Chuck Traylorf
This month I want to focus on prayer, because it was our collective prayers, I believe, that were instrumental in bringing Sarah and me to Evergreen and Church of the Hills (COTH). Prayer is a mystery. To the Christian, prayer is truth revealed, if not fully comprehended. Prayer helps us talk about the way we experience God, but more importantly, prayer is about our talking to God and God talking to us. When we pray, we are not only communicating with God, we are communing with God; we are connected to God. Karl Barth called prayer the lifeline of the Christian to God. Just as a baby has a lifeline to her mother without which she cannot survive if she is cut off from her mother’s milk, we cannot survive if we are cut off from our lifeline – prayer. Prayer is our response to the events of our lives, our response to God as to how we live our lives, and at the same time is God’s response to us.
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